Effects of Changing Dimensions

When doubling the dimensions of a polygon the scale factor changes to two, the perimeter doubles, and the area quadruples. When tripling the dimensions of a polygon the scale factor is three, the perimeter triples, and the area is multiplied by nine.


The Privilege of Education

Nelson Mandela once said,” Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” To be successful in life you need an education but not all people get one. Some youth enjoy going to because they get to and several don’t because they have to.

Children who don’t have the privilege of going to school would enjoy school. For instance, kids in poor countries who don’t have a privilege of going to school would do anything to get to go to school. For example, a brave girl who lived in Pakistan called Malala had a privilege of going to school but it got taken from her and she had to fight for it. She loved school so much that she still read and educated herself at home. Malala cherished school before it was taken away but she realized how important school was when it was gone.

In countries like America kids, are required to go to school don’t appreciate school as much as the ones don’t have the opportunity to go to school. In particular, kids in America have to go to school but they don’t like it. As proof, I could go around and ask my fellow classmates if they enjoy school and I bet most of them would say no. One of the reasons we don’t like to go to school might be because if we didn’t have school we would have many other things to do, unlike the kids that live in poor countries because all they have to do is to go to school.

Ziauddin Yousafzai, Malala’s Dad once said,” Education is power. It is just like a light in complete darkness.” Some youth don’t absolutely love school because they have to go and other youths love school because they have the permission to go to school. Education is key to being successful.

Earth Day Acrostic Poem

Environment; we help keep the environment clean

All in it together

Recycle glass, paper,  and plastic

The man who started Earth Day is Senator Gaylord Nelson

Help; everybody can help

Different places all over the world help too

A day to help the Earth out.

You can get friends and family to help out